1. Enterprise Architecture from the beginning…

Jim and I published this book six months ago and we have been amazed at the resounding response received.

Building Enterprise Architecture began by combining and assembling several consulting projects into a set of best practices lauded by C-level executives. The strongest frameworks available are generally effective in providing generic guidance on enterprise architecture process, framework, and methodology. These frameworks fall short of actually showing how to put their processes into practice. This book addresses how to do enterprise architecture and what it looks like once implemented.

As the architect journeys down the road toward better design and greater efficiency, they are limited by existing organizations, environments, and procedural boundaries. They realize their goals are to provide better designs based on the strategic business goals from the enterprise perspective. But starting and improving the existing architecture practice is a significant challenge. Culture change, maturity, accountability, and building the common vision all have to be addressed. This takes leadership, statesmanship, and salesmanship skills. And this starts with winning sponsorship with executive leaders in the organization.

Enterprise Architects – A new secret weapon in business
Savvy organizations know that Enterprise Architects enable outcomes. This formerly tactical IT job is today a strategic position. Enterprise Architects increasingly report outside of IT to the CFO, CMO or office of the CEO. Enterprise Architects work in the zone where business capabilities are born.

Today’s CEO’s often collaborate with Enterprise Architects in evaluating short and long term strategies. Enterprise Architects continuously blend business and technical capabilities to meet the ongoing needs. If it sounds like ninja smoke…. It is and it works.

Most good C-level executives are Enterprise Architects whether they know it or not.

In our next blog, we will review some of the basic ways leading up to establish a common vision in your organization. We will also review the importance of continuous demonstration of enterprise architecture value to the organization and its vendors.


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